D. L. Augustine, playwright, author, and motivational speaker lives in Etna Ohio and is also a wife, mother, and minister.  As a child, she learned through books, you could travel the world and create your own reality by escaping into the wonderful world of fiction where you could be what and who you wanted to be.  Out of this love for the written word, a writer was born.

Her first play, “Turning Point” debuted in 1996 to great critical acclaim. Her body of work includes but is not limited to the following:


• Dry Bones

• Soul on the Auction Block

• The Devil is a Lie

• The Message


The JOSIAH EFFECT is the first novel in the trilogy and is a journey of love and forgiveness.  AFTER THIS is the second novel in the series and deals with the night season’s of our lives which we must all experience.  The night season is when we are pressed beyond what we feel like we can handle.  It is hard to see God in the night season but our survival depends on it.  WHAT HAPPENS TO FAITH WHEN GOD SAYS NO? He that hath and ear, let him hear







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