AFTER THIS is a story of not only redemption but a tale of faith tried and tested.  In this sequel to THE JOSIAH EFFECT, we see our cast of characters coming out of one storm and entering another.

Joy is on the horizon and love is in the air as we see soulmates finding each other and planning their lives together.  Everything in their world is perfect or is it?  Unfortunately, evil is ever lurking and this time its name is Della Banks, Jo’s long lost mother.  Is she truly evil or just misunderstood?  Watch as the poison that is Della Banks, slowly erodes everything it touches.  She will cause them all to question what they know to be true about themselves and about the God they serve.

While everyone’s focus is on the hurricane that is known as Della Banks, a small quiet storm is able to penetrate their world; and before it leaves, it will do more damage than anyone of them could ever have ever imagined.  It will cause one of them to lose their way; can they find their way home again or have they gone too far?  What happens to the soul of a man or woman who experiences something so devastating that it rocks their very foundation?  Can there be life “After This?”


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